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By Paul McDonagh on 06/02/16 | Category - Comment

We weren’t allowed to cross any roads

We had to stay on the estate

When the weather was good we played football

But when it was bad


There was no youth club, no soft play

We had three pubs and one library

Kids didn’t go to pubs in those days

There were no Sunday roasts

We would walk into the library

Nobody stopped us


Inside the door, you turned right for the adult’s books

And turned left for the children’s books

Each section was the same size

We were just as important


We lived in flats without books

But the library had experts

The adults asked questions about books

The librarians knew where they were

We stood in lines behind them

As they checked out the romance and the thrillers


They closed the library down

The building stands silent

But that place set fires in us

That they couldn’t close down

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